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Networking 98se with cable modem on 3 computers
bob rosa Nov-08-00 05:24 PM
I have a 3 computer network up and running thanks to DUX articles. (NOTE THAT I HAD TO REPLACE A BRAND NEW RADIO SHACK CAT5 CABLE AND CONNECTOR TO GET IT TO WORK!) I am using NETBEIU. I will be getting Road Runner soon and want to get all three going using ICS w/98se. How much configuration do I have to do using TCP/IP using it for the cable modem? There are several panels in the TCP/IP setup and I am unclear on what should be cofigured or left as the default. I have read the DUX articles on this.


Bob Rosa

1. RE: Networking 98se with cable modem on 3 computers
lbyard Nov-08-00 07:43 PM
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Just follow the article (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se_cab/intro.htm) and come back if you can't get it working. Larry

2. RE: Networking 98se with cable modem on 3 computers
mhindle Nov-09-00 03:20 AM
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Do yourself a favour, buy a 4-5 port hub and install 2 network cards on the gateway(server) machine.
Plug the cable modem into gateway nic card#1
then plug gatway nic card #2 into the hub

all other workstations plug into the hub. using staright through cable, not cross over. as far as config. use NAT internal addresses for each computer with TCP/IP bound to the nic cards. -- etc...
make sure there is not two ip address the same. Good luck

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