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Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-07-00 05:55 AM
Hi, I have been connected to the internet via ethernet for about 5 weeks now, and I still cannot get a bandwidth greater than 7k/s when downloading. It is weird because, when uploading, i get a bandwidth of 60-100k/s and greater! but downloading is slow... I have a friend who knows much about the ethernet settings and he cannot figure it out(we switched ethernet cards, cables, and it still is the same I have a feeling this is either very complicated or very simple but i know there is something screwy with my computer. I don't really know much about these things, someone just recommened this site to me... I have windows 98 second edition, and a Realtek ethernet card(i posted on another forum and the guy couldn't help)Could it be some default setting we overlooked? I have no clue, and you know how frustrating it must be to have such a fast connection available, and still not be able to utilize it...PLEASE HELP! ;(

1. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-07-00 03:28 PM
In response to message 0
OK. One question... are you using a cable MODEM or DSL? Larry

2. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-08-00 00:07 AM
In response to message 0
Hi, thanks. I'm living in a university right now, its not cable and i dont think its DSL, i think its maybe a T1? does that sound right? Everyone else who is connected to it is downloading fine, its just me. It can handle quite a bit according to the university papers I've read. This problem occurs at all times, so its not that there are too many people downloading at the same time i think...what other information might u need?

3. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-08-00 07:36 PM
In response to message 2
That’s the kind of info I need… Take your computer to another connection/dorm room and see if the problem persists. If it works OK, borrow another cable (the one going from the computer to the wall). If it still isn't working properly, the problem is in the campus network. Larry

4. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-08-00 10:14 PM
In response to message 3
There are two ethernet jacks in my room (one for me and one for my roomate) I have tried pluging into both and the problem continues. My Roomate's computer and lap top work fine in both jacks. I think the problem has to do with my computer and not the network..why else would other people's computers work fine in the same jack? Is there any other information you need?

5. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-09-00 01:55 PM
In response to message 4
That pretty much eliminates the campus network. Did you use your roomate's cable? Larry

6. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-09-00 10:40 PM
In response to message 5
yes i have tried different cables(including my roomates), and i don't think that could be the problem because it still uploads fast. Any other ideas? thanks again by the way, its nice to get good feedback

7. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-10-00 02:18 AM
In response to message 6
Hi, I just realized I forgot to mention that I can have multiple downloads at once that cumulitively add up to how ever high it can go, but no single file can d/l faster than 7k/s (you may think its just the site but at bandwidth, and connection sites its also no greater than 7k)
For example: On napster, i can upload a song in like 20 sec sometimes but even on the cable,dsl, and T1 servers, I can d/l 10 or 20 songs at the same time and get non faster than 7/k

8. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-10-00 06:44 PM
In response to message 7
A bad cable cause a difference in speed problem. The Ethernet uses one pair of wires to send and another to receive. Until you tell me how fast you are receiving when downloading one thing at a time, I am going to assume that you, in fact, do not have a problem, which is probable. 20 X 7 K is 140K plus there is considerable overhead involved in managing multiple download streams. The downloads are probably going as fast as your computer can go. Larry

9. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-13-00 10:45 PM
In response to message 8
Ok. A single download at any web site, will not go faster than 7k/s. I tried switching cables, and its the same problem. It is the single download I am interested in correcting, bulk downloads work.
For Example:
File: Mp3(10Mb) DL speed: 7k/s
File: Same Mp3(10mb) DL Speed: 170k/s
Same cable, same ethernet jack as me;
DL Speed: 170k/s
As you can see, there is a major difference between computers when the outside variables are the same (file, cable, jack).

10. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-14-00 10:57 AM
In response to message 9
Usually there is a line or two in the autoexec.bat or config.sys file for campus networks. See if they are the same on both computers. Larry

11. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-16-00 07:54 PM
In response to message 10
How do I go about checking for these files?

12. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
lbyard Nov-16-00 08:41 PM
In response to message 11
Hold the Ctrl key or press the F8 key when first starting the computer and select boot to the DOS prompt from the resulting menu...
cd \
edit autoexec.bat

13. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
therealcableguy Nov-20-00 00:03 AM
In response to message 12
Have you tweaked your system for maximum dail-up downloads? If you can not get more than 7k on any download this usually points to a PC that has been tweaked for dail-up.Go to www.speedguide.net
and find the tweak to restore windoze defaults or try one of the high-speed tweaks.Either solution should get you up to speed.

14. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-20-00 02:23 AM
In response to message 13
HI! Yeah I ha a friend build me this computer and install my software, he downloaded a bunch of updates to, one of which might be the dialup tweak you talked about. I looked on that site but i have know idea where to look for the "tweak to restore windows defualts" so could you provide a link for me? i know it sounds dumb.

15. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-20-00 03:17 AM
In response to message 14
My God, thank you SO much! Its a Miracle it finally works. I found the patch you we're talking about after a long time searching, and I must say it was worth it. Now My download speed is up to 80-150 k/s and at bandwidth test sites its off the charts, thanks so much guys you we're very helpfull, i'll definitely recomend this site to others
thanks again,

16. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
therealcableguy Nov-20-00 10:31 AM
In response to message 15
Glad I could help!Now if someone could just help me figure out how to stop my wife from spending all my money!?

17. RE: Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!!
Sidated Nov-20-00 09:20 PM
In response to message 16

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