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sygate won't autostart
v70t5 Nov-07-00 02:15 AM
On one of my LANs, Sygate 4.0 won't autostart the service.

I have to rt click the tray icon & pick "start service".

I do have "auto start service" checked in configuration.

I also have "auto dial (dial on demand)" checked.

That doesn't work either. I have to manually launch my DUN, Earthlink connectoid

I have the autostart service working fine on the lan in my house (the dial on demand
thing isn't an issue at home bec. I have a DSL modem that is always connected).

How can I get this lan to:

1) auto start service??

2) dial on demand?????

Thanks a ton


1. RE: sygate won't autostart
lbyard Nov-07-00 05:15 PM
In response to message 0
Mike, I cannot find an answer. I would try an unistall/install on the host computer. Larry

2. RE: sygate won't autostart
v70t5 Nov-07-00 11:33 PM
In response to message 1

i've spoken w/ others who had same problem- no known fix. sybergen knows of it but...

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