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pls help
robert03 Oct-29-00 03:19 AM
ok i installed w2k server on my box and named it abc set up a small netwokr with a ME computer named xyz ,and put them in a work group "vegas".
after that i installed AD on the w2k box and went on following the instructions.
after the installation, completed successfully ,my server was renamed to abc.www.vegas.com, how do i change it to www.abc.vegas.com....
need help quick.

1. RE: pls help
lbyard Oct-29-00 07:39 PM
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Sorry, I'm still running NT Server. Larry

3. RE: pls help
robert03 Nov-01-00 01:27 AM
In response to message 1
NO. it says that this is a DC , and the properties tab is disabled.

2. RE: pls help
floyd1022 Oct-31-00 12:32 PM
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Right click my computer, hit properties, select the network tab, press the properties button, and there you have it.

Did that fix it??


4. RE: pls help
floyd1022 Nov-02-00 00:19 AM
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Or at least have rights


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