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Slow share speed
Gixxer Oct-27-00 05:45 PM
Just set up 2 computers sharing @home, both computers running MS ME and using ICS. Server computer has 2 nics of different types - one using t/p to cable modem, other using coax to second computer. Connection speed of server is perfect, average 4000k. The second computer connect speed is always around 56k. Has been connected for 24 hours, and all my tinkering has not improved the speed one bit. I checked the server registry entry as per recommended in this sites share article. Any ideas? Could it be that the server has Rogers browser and the client does not?

1. RE: Slow share speed
lbyard Oct-29-00 07:33 PM
In response to message 0
One possibility is the coax cable (the thing that breaks the most and can cause noticeable performance problems in thinwire networks). What kind is it and how do you have it connected (see our Networking FAQS for info). How fast can you copy 30-100 Mbytes between the two computers? Also see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ID: Q230116, Slow Transfer Rates with ICS and High-Bandwidth Devices.

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