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Can Only Connect 1 PC at a time
mooger Oct-16-00 04:21 PM
I am trying to network 2 computers and share a cable modem connection. I have purchased an additional IP address (for a small monthly fee), a hub and 1 NIC per PC. I like the idea of having the pcs connect independently (i.e. I don't want to have a server pc on for the other pc to connect to the internet). I have the CM plugged into the uplink port of the hub and the pcs connected on the other ports. My problem is that only one pc can use the CM at a time (the other one goes offline until renew or reboot). I am running WIN98 on both pcs and have no problem networking them with netbui. I have setup tcp/ip
on both NICs and they receive the ip addreseses automatically. I've checked both addresses and they work fine. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Could the CM be the problem?

1. RE: Can Only Connect 1 PC at a time
computerjohn Oct-16-00 06:51 PM
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Sounds like you've got it hooked up correctly, check with the manufacturer of the modem and/or your supplier. It maybe a software problem, the modem knows there are 2 systems on it rather than just one.

2. RE: Can Only Connect 1 PC at a time
raymondean Oct-20-00 03:45 AM
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which hub do you have?..some of the older ones will drop packets at high speed connects, try another hub to see if that is it...Ray

3. RE: Can Only Connect 1 PC at a time
mooger Oct-21-00 04:12 AM
In response to message 2
I have the NETGEAR DS104. At this point I am thinking it is my Cable Modem is not set up to use multiple IP Addresses. Because it works so well with either computer on setup for DHCP with the respective hostnames. It just doesn't work when both computers on. I've decided to get my money back on the second IP Address and I've purchased a SMC7004BR router

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