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Roadrunner and smc barricade router..#####
steve68 Oct-15-00 09:48 AM
trying to get this router to work..no luck at all..It just wont pick up the IP information from the modem..Ive followed advice from tech support at smc.such as unplugging the modem to get a new lease..etc..Do I have to configure some settings manually? both roadrunner and smc say no It should pick up the info because it's a dynamic connection..If I unplug the router and reconnect my modem to the network card It works fine so I dont think its hardware related..this is the second barricade Ive tried..neither work...any help..thanks

1. RE: Roadrunner and smc barricade router..#####
lbyard Oct-16-00 03:35 PM
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A couple of thoughts… What are the LEDs on the Barricade and cable MODEM telling you? The Barricade uses a straight-thru cable. The MODEM may be using a crossover cable. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable6.htm. I have “tell” my Barricade to clone my network adapter’s MAC address. The cable MODEM marries itself to a specific network adapter. ... SMC Setup, Toolbox, clone MAC. You shouldn't have to unplug the Barricade to renew the IP. You should be to do it from the SMC setup and see the IP go to zeros when clicking release and obtain a new IP shortly after clicking renew. Also, after conneting the MODEM directly to the PC and then connecting it to the PC to the Barricade, you should release the IP the PC had from the cable MODEM and renew it to get a new one on the same subnet as the Barricade (Start, run, winipcfg, select newtork adapter...) Larry

2. RE: Roadrunner and smc barricade router..#####
yayo Jan-26-01 04:46 PM
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One more thing to keep in mind when connecting to mediaone using a router. If you have already connected your PC to mediaone directly, then your PC has acquired a dynamic IP address. When you connect via the router, it will in all likelyhood get the same IP address. Now your PC AND the router have conflicting addresses. It won't take long before the router goes nuts and shuts down. What you gotta do is run winipcfg.exe to release the IP address and request a new one from the router. After that, it should be OK.

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