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DSL internet network sharing.
corryfitz Oct-15-00 00:23 AM

Does DSL internet network sharing work the same as the cable modem internet sharing? While trying to follow the dial up internet sharing instructions the process did not match the intructions from "how to network and share an internet connection wiht windows98 se", as well when i try to connect to the internet, i get nothing. Also when i try to release and renew i get an ERROR DHCP server unavailable; reviwing adapter.however when i began reading the cable modem sharing instructions they seem to match what my computer wants to do. I am running 98 SE and my network worked fine with your basic networking instructions (without adding internet to the mix).

1. RE: DSL internet network sharing.
lbyard Oct-16-00 02:28 PM
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The instructions for a cable MODEM apply for a DSL installation. There may be additional steps for DSL/cable MODEM that are service provider-specific. Several of these oddities have been discussed in this Forum. Larry

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