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DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
Cuff Oct-12-00 07:20 PM

Me and my wife have just gotten our DSL activated. We had big plans of Networking our two Systems together and sharing the Single DSL line. Mostly from the research I've done I see no issues with this, except that me and my wife both do a fair amount of online gaming. I was told that while browsing and general access using the same line wouldn't be a problem, trying to Play games online simultaneously would not really be possible, and that a second IP would be needed to do this. Our provider told us that having a second IP is illegal and we'd have to pretty much purchase another account for another IP ( another 40 bucks ).

That Said, I really would like to know if there are indeed problems with both systems doing online gaming through the same IP? If so why, and is there anyway around this? Currently we are entertaining the idea of keeping a cheap Dailup account to access when both PCs will be used for gaming at once ( fairly often ), but would really like this to be a last resort.

Thanks ahead of time.

1. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
robert03 Oct-13-00 01:58 AM
In response to message 0
Dont really know how internet gaming works.
but if u want to share the internet connection that is possible by installing win 98 se on the computer connected to the net and share it.
In this way one computer will obtain an ip from the ISP and the other will obtain an IP from the SE computer, so they both will have different ip's. If that's what u need then i can give u more info on how to set it up.

2. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
kd4kdp Oct-13-00 11:11 PM
In response to message 0
The best and safest solution to your setup is to do what I did....purchase a Linksys Router (4 port)and integrate it into your system...works great and does not affect speed at all...and you can add computers at any time...
The Linksys does NAT and acts as a firewall...


3. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
Cuff Oct-14-00 00:38 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for the responses. I had been looking at Linkys NIC and they have gotten nothing but good feedback, and I'll look into this 'Linkys Router' you say? I'm about as new to this as one can get so trying get as much info as possible before I start tossing money.

To the other response, I'm running the first version of Windows 98 unfortunatly, but I've also read that using Sygate software can resolve any win98 related netowking problems and may even help with the IP issue I'm predicting ( if indeed both systems gaming at once will cause a issues with a single IP, kinda what I'm posting to find out )

Thanks again for the help, and I'll post here again once I take the plung.

4. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
lbyard Oct-16-00 04:57 PM
In response to message 3
Yes, SyGate does a good job of sharing an IP, but a router does a better job of it. Larry

5. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
computerjohn Oct-16-00 06:41 PM
In response to message 0
We have 2 computers running Windows 2000 connected to a hub, our DSL is also conencted to the hub. We are on-line for everything all the time, and we have not seen any problems, no matter what site we are on or what we are doing.
Hope that helps, if you have any other questions, please contact me at: kathy@computerjohn.com, I'll be glad to help.

6. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
robert03 Oct-17-00 01:17 AM
In response to message 5

This is what i think even if your computer connected to the net assigns the computer on the network with a different ip through sygate or another software, they both have to send data through one ip that is the one u get from the isp. If you both are playing the same game on the net ,then u both will be sending data to the same server and the server will treat u like one user coz its getting data from the same ip. Atleast that's what i think.
But try this software
For internet sharing and to assign an private ip for the computers on the local network.
its a 30 day trial and easy to configure so u can uninstall it if things dont work.
And then think about investing money in a router.

7. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
lbyard Oct-17-00 01:29 PM
In response to message 6
LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 02:15 PM (GMT)

No... The same IP can be used to open more than one session on a server. I do it all the time. Am doing it now. You can do it, for example, by downloading two copies of the same file at the same time from the same server through a NAT (or proxy) to different PCs on the same LAN. Sure, the packets (chunks of a file, etc.) are going back and forth between the same pair of IP addresses on the NAT/proxy and the server at the other end, but they are further identified and dealt with by the NAT/proxy and the protocol layers above (and below) TCP/IP, which can route those packets to different private IPs on the LAN, and sessions, applications, and multiple instances of the same application on the same and different PCs. In those two downloads the intermingled packets will get to the intended destinations and will be properly reassembled into the correct instances of the downloaded files. Search Google for "OSI Model" for a better understanding. Or, wait for me to complete an article I have been writing on it and several related subjects off and on for the last few months. Larry

8. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
getsumbaby Oct-17-00 05:58 PM
In response to message 7
When sharing a line with a router? Does it act as a LAN? Can I move files from one to the other and still go online at the same time? This is what Im looking to do. Also, Im running DSL and my buddy is still running 56k (poor guy), how can we play games against each other? I cant call his comp and he cant call mine?


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9. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
lbyard Oct-17-00 07:49 PM
In response to message 8
Exactly what do you mean by moving files from one to the other? There are several kinds of routers. If you are referring to one that incorporates a multi-port Ethernet switch and to which several PC's connected, then, yes, you can move files between the PCs and share printers, as well as upload and download files to the Internet from any of the PCs attached to the router. Larry

10. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
DrJOnes666 Oct-18-00 02:18 AM
In response to message 9
I've finnaly found a FORUM that actually discusses the problems I have with ICS!!! Yes!

And particularly this topic about gaming with two comps on the same internet connection.

I too am looking for a way to achieve this.

For the record, maybe you'de like to know that I was able to make one game work that way, and that is QUAKE 3. I didn't have to do anything special actually. I have two computers, with cable modem, and Win98SE using ICS (internet communication sharing). The network works fine. And QUAKE3 worked like a charm too. We both played online on different servers, and it worked.

Now, I tried to do the same thing with AOK (Age of Kings). But it doesn't work at all.
The game jams when the SETTING UP MULTIPLAYER SCREEN appears. I tried logging the computers manually directly to the Host IP (a third player online), but it wouldn't work at all.
I tried playing with only one of my computer, but this wouldn't work either!!! So basically, in order to be able to play AOK online, I have to disable ICS completely, or else it wont work.

Now, the BIG question: WHY is it that QUAKE3 works with both comps in the same game online, and other games (or so, I assume) like AOK wont be able to do it?

Is there anyone that has ideas on setting up this thing? I'd really like to find a solution, because purchasing a second IP number is not what I have in mind here...

Thank you,


11. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
lbyard Oct-18-00 03:42 PM
In response to message 7
LAST EDITED ON Oct-18-00 AT 03:43 PM (GMT)

In my message above I referred to connections by clients to a server on the Internet... Apparently, and I overlooked the possibility, there is a problem if an Internet game is hosted on a PC which is also the host for a NAT such as SyGate or Windows 98/Me ICS... See Microsoft Knowledgebase Article Q236429, Problems Joining Games Using Internet Connection Sharing, at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q236/4/29.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0 for details. Larry

12. RE: DSL Sharing Between two PCs and possible issues?
DrJOnes666 Oct-18-00 11:47 PM
In response to message 11
So, if I understand correctly, in other words this mean that it is impossible to play the games that have problem with ICS if ICS is ennabled?

But why in the world does QUAKE 3 work with both computers using ICS?

This is a real mystery...

I cannot beleive that I have two computers here connected to a fast cable connection, but I cannot use them both at the same time to play online games like Age Of Kings. This is very sad... not to say frustrating...


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