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E/Mail accounts
teebucket Oct-12-00 12:09 PM
I have set up a network with 10 workstations using windows 98 SE, 98 and 95. I'm using Sygate internet connection sharing software. The internet works great. Sygate is great software. I'm trying to setup 10 E/mail accounts, one for each station. I'm using I/E and Outlook Express. I have it setup so when the person needs to access internet all they do is launch I/E and the proxy server dials up and connects. The login ID and Password is held on the server. ISP is a local telephone company. How do I set this up? They have 10 accounts, each has it's own login ID and password. Thanks Dennis

1. RE: E/Mail accounts
lbyard Oct-12-00 07:20 PM
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In Outlook Express version 5 itís done in Tools, Accounts, Mail. Larry

2. RE: E/Mail accounts
robert03 Oct-13-00 02:05 AM
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dont know if sygate has a dial on demand option ,but i think 98 se has a dial on demand option, i have a WIM ME setup with a dial up connection and i use it to share the connection, it has a dial on demand option so when a client open's the ie it connects automatically.
SE should also have it.

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