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Arznek Oct-10-00 08:49 PM
I'm making a 2 computer network and all the hardware is set up correctly. I'm having a small software problem though. I need to share the c:\ drive and printer, but there is no "sharing..." to right click on through the explorer bar or through "My Computer". How do I get to the "Sharing" window? help me plz! arznek@hotmail.com

1. hope this works
robert03 Oct-11-00 01:01 AM
In response to message 0
right click on network neighbourhood and then click ADD or INSTALL and install the file and print sharing service ,this should get the sharing option when u r-click a file or drive.

2. RE: hope this works
Arznek Oct-12-00 02:01 AM
In response to message 1
Well i got that all working, but now i'm having another problem! On my first computer (\\NEC) I can access computer 2. but on computer 2 (\\HP) I can't get computer 1. It says \\NEC can not be found. I searched and check over all my protocal settings and everything is the same as 1 but still doesn't show up under my workgroup and network neighborhood. whats up with this? how do i fix it? Thanks guyz n galz

3. RE:
robert03 Oct-12-00 02:18 AM
In response to message 2
i need to know the exact configuration of both computers.
check if both computers are on the same subnet mask.
try and ping the computer u cant see. if you are unsuccessful then reinstall tcp\ip in that computer.
use this settings as an example
computer 1

and the install all the other components.
are u using a hub check if both led's on the hub to which computers are connected are lit up.

4. ugh........ i'm going insane
Arznek Oct-12-00 08:10 PM
In response to message 3
I set all my TCP/IP values to
computer 1 (\\HP)
computer 2 (\\NEC)

Keep in mind this is the first network i've ever attempted to make. I'm not sure what you mean by ping it. I r-clicked on Network Neighborhood and searched for \\NEC and it still hasn't found it yet. and on my hub both LED's are lit. My hardware is set up correctly I've checked it 100 times through. So what do you think? what else could be the problem? oh yeah does one of the computers have to be "Clients for Microsoft Networks and one MS Family Login? or both clients for microsoft. that could be my problem there. I was told from a Network Admin who does novell that it needs to be set up as one being the server but once again something i have no clue about. geesh help me out plz.

5. RE: ugh........ i'm going insane
robert03 Oct-13-00 01:40 AM
In response to message 4
you have to install clients for microsoft and file and print sharing on both the machines.

try this and tell me what happens
go to DOS prompt from within windows on comp2 NEC
and at the prompt type
If u get a result like this
then it means that tcp\ip is set up ok on that computer.
Do the same thing on the other computer also.

Then do this.
form \\NEC
you should get something

then go to the \\HP computer and type
and you should get the same reply

if not then u have to check your tcp\ip settings
unstall and reinstall tcp\ip.

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