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Win95 Netbeui problem
RangerCharlie Oct-06-00 11:05 AM
Have a PC that has worked fine for years and as of yesterday hangs(crawls) when loading the network. If I take out Netbeui and leave MSnetworking, the NIC and TCP/IP it boots fine. I have changed the NIC, reloaded all networking components and anything else I can think of, but it still has problem

1. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
lbyard Oct-06-00 02:42 PM
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Is it connecting to the network with TCP/IP. Can you ping IP addresses on the local network (open a DOS window and type C:\>ping <IP address>? If not, I would suspect a bad cable, which is usually the cause of the problem. The other common cause is an IRQ conflict with the network adapter. Check for exclamation marks in the Control Panel, System, Device Manger. If your motherboard has the VIA MVP3 chipset, be sure the VIA IRQ miniport driver, which is part of the VIA 4-in-1 driver set (http://www.viatech.com/drivers/index.htm), is installed. Larry

2. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
RangerCharlie Oct-06-00 03:04 PM
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netbeui is the main protocal on the network. Even with the cable unhooked, it still should boot to the desktop (albiet without the network connections). The problem is not a conenction problem but an error with the netbeui protocal.
No I do not have any conflicts.
Yes, I can ping others when I just load TCP/IP, but I need netbeui to work.

3. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
lbyard Oct-06-00 03:29 PM
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What NIC(s) have you tried and what version of Windows are you running? Larry

4. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
RangerCharlie Oct-06-00 03:45 PM
In response to message 3
Kingston KNE-40

Win95 OSR2

5. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
lbyard Oct-06-00 07:23 PM
In response to message 4
Are you telling me you have tried each of these adapters and gotten the same results or, doubtfully, you have more than one adapter in the computer? Believe the KNE20 is or can be set as a Novell/Athem 2000 compatible. Try that, but manually change the Microsoft default IRQ 3 to IRQ 11 (or something else if 11 is in use). MS always assigns IRQ 3 to an NE2000, no matter what the actual board IRQ is; guess you know that. I still think it is an IRQ or cable problem. I have not seen anything else cause this except perhaps the very rare event of a port address conflict. Try forcing you PnP adapters into another IRQ by changing the IRQ it has been grabbing to ISA Legacy in the CMOS Setup, PnP Setup. Removing all network components may not be removing all network drivers. Look for them in C:\>windows\system\ and in the inf directory. They probably start with kn. I am close to calling it a day, but will be here most of the weekend. Larry

6. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
RangerCharlie Oct-07-00 02:47 AM
In response to message 5
Currently it resides on irq11. Why would tcp work via the network, but not netbeui? No I don't have more than one nic in the pc.

7. RE: Win95 Netbeui problem
RangerCharlie Oct-10-00 01:08 PM
In response to message 0
I ended up wiping out windows and everything worked okay after that

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