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Can Internet connection be shared between 2 notebooks?
ribar Oct-05-00 08:31 PM
I have 2 notebooks,and I want to put them in Internet at the same time using one Intrenet connection and a single phone line.Is it possible to do it without PCIMCIA Networking cards?How can it be done?Pls mail me...

1. RE: Can Internet connection be shared between 2 notebooks?
technut Oct-05-00 11:50 PM
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abolutely if you are running 98se just set up a direct cable connection through the serial or parralel port with a patchcord available at any computer store. I reccomend the parallel connection and use the iomage parallel port accelerator for faster data transfers.

2. RE: Can Internet connection be shared between 2 notebooks?
lbyard Oct-06-00 03:16 PM
In response to message 1
In any event, although I have not done it, a parallel port connection is probably OK for Internet sharing, but is going to be much slower than an Ethernet for anything else, and I would suggest buying two 100 BASET PCMCIA Ethernet adapters if you also plan to share files and transfer data between notebooks frequently. In such a scenario, you will not be happy with the parallel port connection and you will very unhappy with a serial port connection, which is really not satisfactory except as a last resort for a one time or very occasional transfer of files. At best a serial port is about 1/10 the speed (100 KHz) of high-speed parallel port (1 Mhz less overhead). Some claim parallel ports are faster, but I havenít seen any noticeable difference between these boards and motherboard serial ports in (desktop PCI) machines in which I have installed them. You might as well invest in Ethernet adapters if you are planning to buy high-speed PCMCIA parallel port cards (if there are such things). A 10 BASE T Ethernet runs at about 10 Mhz. And a 100BASET Ethernet is faster than most computers can transfer data, or about twice the speed of a 10 BASET network when disk/computer speed is factored into the equation (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/dlink/dhn910/dhn910-4.htm for typical benchmarks). If you invest in PCMCIA adapters be careful with them. I have seen many PCMCIA cards of all sorts, with external connectors, broken (crunch!) when users tip/move their notebook computers. Larry

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