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dsl & w2k pro
robert03 Oct-03-00 01:38 AM
i tried installing my dsl on a w2k pro machine with two nic's one is a-open the other intel.
during the installation setup asks me to install a dial up adapter, how do i install a dial up adapter in 2000 cant find the option, dam this sucks need help
pls mail me at robertvegas@hotmail.com aspa
on how to setup dsl on 2000.

1. RE: dsl & w2k pro
technut Oct-05-00 06:50 PM
In response to message 0
hey man short of buying the linksys router wich give you an invisible,secure ethernet connection and negotiate the dcl connection for you.
You can try using the nts pppoe client software instructions and support are available here

If you are using an alcatel modem you could also try thier web site for an updated client software

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