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Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router
gary_r Sep-30-00 12:10 PM
I have 2 computers connected to a 4-port Linksys Cable / DSL router. The Uplink port of the router is then connected to the Ethernet port on the RCA cable modem. The 2 computers access the web and FTP sites just fine. The problem I'm experiencing is that we cannot access our Email or newsgroup server. When the modem was set up by the cable co. to the primary computer, the POP3 and SMTP servers were set up simply as "@home". I understand that this is not a COMPLETE server address, but how do I figure out what NEEDS to be there to make my email work through the router?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

1. RE: Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router
lbyard Sep-30-00 07:11 PM
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As I understand it... all you have to do is add mail. and news. to the front of your domain name, such as mail.xxxxx.xxxx.home.com, which is in the @home paper work. And the domain should also be entered in in the router on the main page just as if it were in your NICs settings.

Or, try this. Connect to @home with a PC that can get mail, open a DOS window, type
C:\>ping mail
or try
C:\ping @home
If you get an server name or IP address back, try it for the servers.
If you get name like mail.xxx.xxx.xxxx, tyr substituting "news" for "mail."

http://www.home.com/support/netscape/remotemail/remotemail.html may also be useful.

I don't have @home and have been asked this question before. Please let us know if any of this works so the info can be used to help others, OK?


5. RE: Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router
gary_r Oct-03-00 09:55 PM
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Thanks for your reply. However, by the time I got your reply, I decided to try ONE more avenue. I checked the LinkSys web site and lo and behold there was another firmware upgrade available for download. The file is befsr135.zip. I installed this and the Generic Email server name of "@home" works just fine with NO DNS enabling or Gateway settings. If anyone has any questions regarding MY particular settings I would be MORE than happy to share them.

2. RE: Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router
christert Oct-03-00 02:44 AM
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If you browse to the setup page for the Linksys (, you should have the router name and domain listed at the top of the page. On mine, the router name is what I copied from the "indentificaction" tab in Network properties. Mine is ******-a. The domain for mine is saltlk1.ut.home.com. I live in Salt Lake City. You should see something similar. To make my mail work, all I did was put that domain name in my Outlook Express mail server setting with "mail. in front i.e. mail.saltlk1.ut.home.com. This also worked for the news server. news.saltlk1.ut.home.com

I also lost the setttings for my IP address not too long ago. I called @home and told them I had been hacked recently, and as a precaution, had purchased a firewall. I asked them to provide the settings necessaary, and they did. I get the feeling that they don't really care that much as long as your traffic doesn't indicate you are running an ISP behind your router.

4. RE: Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router
lbyard Oct-03-00 10:18 AM
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? I answered that question and the answer is in this thread! Larry

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