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Network upgrade vs. server upgrade upgrade
Pineapple Sep-29-00 09:18 PM
I posted a message before about hubs and switches, and got all the info I needed for that.

The answer to that question poses another one.

It is clear that the recommended hardware for the network I am building is switches rather than hubs. This makes sense to me.

The problem I have is as follows. I have a budget which will allow either; Replacing the existing hubs I have with switches or; replacing my PDC (PII 233 beefed up P.C.) with something grown up, like a PIII 650 'proper' fileserver.

The switch replacement will I imagine considerably improve the network performance. Replacing the server, which in fact performs OK, but it's old and slow, will obviously also give benefits.

My guess is that the best place to spend the money is on the switches. Has anybody got any opinions? There are a few more details of what I'm up to in my previous question (switches/hubs/patch panels).

Just one more bit of info - the more traffic intensive application I run, like exchange/outlook, fax and databases are already on a good spec IBM netfinity, so the PDC isn't flogged to death all the time.


1. RE: Network upgrade vs. server upgrade upgrade
lbyard Sep-30-00 06:39 AM
In response to message 0
How about A switch to segment the network? Hang the existing hubs off the switch. Larry

2. RE: Network upgrade vs. server upgrade upgrade
Pineapple Oct-02-00 07:02 PM
In response to message 1
That looks good to me. I guess the answer is 'the more switched ports the better', so I'll work with that.

Thanks for the advice.

Great site by the way.

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