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What is secure on web? How best set up?
Weldon Sep-28-00 00:37 AM
Confused? Larry probably knows about this, and I was going to ask when justifying something. Then I realized it's best to broadcast.
I've been off the web for 1.6 yrs, mostly due to pc acting up (really). Now I'm here during a
free trial offer, and I want to see if I can find out just how to set up for best personal security and what-all is unable to be secure. I hear my C drive can be explored by certain snoops & I want to know who could they be & how much trouble they have to go to to find their chilling keywords, etc. And are they doing it constantly, recording everything and just what are they trying to find. Cool it; I'm not paranoid. It is quite a list,tho, just to ask how to quantify & qualify the snoops.
I used to always run my Netscape to not accept any cookies, and it hardly ever caused a restriction. Even then I could just temporarily change preferences upon getting demanding but dependable message. Then when done, stop all cookies. Seemed like what alot of folks would do if they weren't nieve little net-rookies. Alas, that is probably not much help to me, is it. I don't visit any sites that Mom wouldn't approve of. In fact, I often gave away copies of my bbokkmarks' & 'history'.
And then I heard that newer cpu's of (all makes?) of processors were coded to tell Bill about how often I don't wear underpants. Or change 'em. Now I've found a site where masses of geniuses hunker for hours over these posts to help those of us who are geniuses-to-be go to the next level. Now I can find all my answers and some links, too! I thank you, my niece thanks you... Everybody thanks you!
(somebody please respond even if you barely know more than me!)

1. RE: What is secure on web? How best set up?
Ra Byn Sep-28-00 11:18 AM
In response to message 0
If you go to the URL posted below, you can test your security levels, ports, etc....


The website is for Gibson Research Corporation. It explains exactly how to fix whatever problems it finds.

I've spent hours reading the entire site.

Best regards

ra byn james

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