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Win98 Peer-To-Peer Network Problems Solved!
maverick@elemental.ch Sep-24-00 11:21 AM
Hi all,

If you have problems setting up a peer-to-peer network under Windows 98, even though the cards are fine, the cable is fine, it works under DOS and you have reinstalled the drivers:

-> Disable "Byte Merge" in the BIOS!

I tried this after spending literally days on end trying to get the network to run, trying different cards, cables, protocols etc. I would manage to get it to run about one in a hundred times, only to have it stop working again after a restart.

After I disabled some BIOS options, it suddenly worked like a charm. I tested some more and found out that enabling "Byte Merge" in the BIOS killed my network under Windows! Disable Byte Merge, make sure you follow the usual advice from the Microsoft KB, and it might just work. FM.


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