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Any way to increase speed of file transfer??
charityheart Sep-22-00 07:42 PM
Hi! I have connected my P2 desktop to my P1 laptop thru a laplink cable and have successfully transfered files. However the speeds are extremely slow...Is there anyway to speed up the rate of transfer? Or could there be somethg wrong with the installation?

Pls Advise..Thanks!


1. RE: Any way to increase speed of file transfer??
lbyard Sep-23-00 04:44 AM
In response to message 0
Are the transfers faster than downloading through the Internet with a dial-up? I would think they would be a little faster than that if you have the serial port speeds set for maximum, about 110K bits per second (I think). They are always going to be slow compared to a 10 or 100 Mhz Ethernet. Also, Laplink is much more likely cause data errors (corrupt files) than an Ethernet. My advice, if you are going to transfer stuff between the two machines often, is to purchase a 100 Mhz PCMCI Ethernet adapter for the notebook, a 100 Mhz Fast Ethernet NIC for the PC, and a crossover cable to connect them together. You should be able to buy all of it for around $100. Larry

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