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connecting to network with boot floppy
jaredb Sep-20-00 05:18 PM
is there a way to create a boot floppy that will connect to win9x network. i am trying to use ghost 4.1 to restore hard drives quickly, but i have to connect to host drive. can this be done? if so how?

1. RE: connecting to network with boot floppy
lbyard Sep-20-00 06:06 PM
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What version of ghost do you have? This may apply:

"Norton Ghost Personal Edition (Ghost PE) and Ghost Works (the version of Ghost included in Norton SystemWorks 2000, Professional Edition) cannot move images over most network connections because it cannot use TCP/IP connections or IPX connections. When installed on a network computer, it will not see the drives that are on other computers on the network (that is, network drives). For more information, see the document Using Ghost Professional Edition to move images between computers.."
More info is at:

If you have a Windows NT server, there is a DOS network client floppy generation program at D:\clients\msclient on the NT Server CD. That is how I make my network floppies.

The NET commands are also avaialbe on other versions of Windows, but setting-up a floppy with them is very complicated.

Another way to skin this cat is to attach a blank hard disk as a slave to a networked computer.

If you have a "standard" image for all computers, I would put it on the hard disk of the beforementioned computer instead of moving it accoss the network. The transfer should be much faster that way.

I may write an article on this subject, but it is not on the front burner.


2. RE: connecting to network with boot floppy
robert03 Sep-22-00 02:38 AM
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use an NT cd go to msclients or something like that and in that u will find anoterh folder clients and another os i think in that u'll find a folder disk1 copy that to a disk, then take it to a computer with a blank hd and create and copy these files to the hd. Then go into that dir and type setup
enter the info and restart and wolla!!!!!
then next tiem u boot your are connected...
pretty simple just have to find the stuff

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