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EZ-2000 LAN card ??
ok Sep-20-00 03:25 AM
need to find a DRIVER for the LAN Card, but unable
to find the card manufacture. The card marked ---
EZ-2000, that may be the model number?

I try to use NE2000 campatible driver, but did not
work. plug to the HUB, see the led on the card and the HUB,but can't see the other computer on the same network workgroup.

I believe the setup is right, because the other
computers can see each other on the same network
workgroup except this one.

Please Help, THanks!!!

1. RE: EZ-2000 LAN card ??
lbyard Sep-20-00 05:24 AM
In response to message 0
One would think that a NIC with a model that starts with EZ would be manufactured by SMC or by Western Digital--before SMC bought WDís network business. But it appears that it is a generic Taiwan board sold under the Magitronic label (a large PC clone and componet distributor in the old days). And that it is NE2000 compatible. When Windows installs the NE2000 driver it erroneously sets the parameters to IRQ 3, port address 300H. IRQ3 conflicts with COM2: in most computers. I usually change it to IRQ 11. If that doesnít revive it try swapping cables. Larry

2. RE: EZ-2000 LAN card ??
ok Sep-20-00 10:21 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry for your quick responds.

But in my PC IRQ #3 is the only one available -- all others including #11 are showing conflicts with other hardware. What should I do now?

Thanks again!!

3. RE: EZ-2000 LAN card ??
lbyard Sep-21-00 11:07 AM
In response to message 2
Go into you CMO Setup at bootup and enable OS is PnP aware, or something like that. That should initiate IRQ steering (sharing) by windows. I would also disable COM 2: and any other motherboard resource that you don't need; e.g., USB. Larry

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