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Network speed differs on one computer.
digitalogic Sep-16-00 02:02 AM
I have a linksys router and and intel hub connecting 3 computers to my cable modem and to one another. Two of the computers get about a 200-400 Kbps connect and the other gets about 30Kbps. I started with a Linksys NIC then tried an older intel card then went and bought a brand new intel NIC and changed the PCI slot. To no avail. So I carried my computer to work to hook it up to the T1 there...still around 30Kbps...

Any Ideas?

1. RE: Network speed differs on one computer.
lbyard Sep-16-00 05:11 AM
In response to message 0
Let us know if this works, OK? Larry

"20. Computers using Windows 95 and Windows 98 have problems seeing the network or File Transfer is too slow. In some cases when the driver is installed properly and no errors are reported in Device Manager, some users may experience delays with transfering files or having problems browsing the network. If the protocols and the File and Print Sharing are setup properly, try changing the Transmit setting in the card. Go to Control Panel and open Network. Highlight the Linksys driver in the list and click Properties. Click on the Advanced tab. Highlight Transmit Threshold and change the value option to Store and Forward (this setting will solve most problems, you can also try other values). Click OK. Click OK again. Windows may ask for the installation files and ask you to restart the computer. Click Yes to restart."

2. RE: Network speed differs on one computer.
v70t5 Sep-17-00 07:36 PM
In response to message 1

I use ie 5 on a few pc's that connect through my lan to a server using sygate IE 5.

The server connects very fast.

The clients, however are painfully slow, slower than an analog modem.

I went to the advanced tab for the network card on one of the pc's, and "transmit threshold" wasn't an option.

Any hints?


3. RE: Network speed differs on one computer.
lbyard Sep-18-00 03:01 AM
In response to message 2
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling ALL networking components? Larry

4. RE: Network speed differs on one computer.
digitalogic Sep-20-00 01:35 AM
In response to message 3
I found my problem after hours on the net researching that night. The problem was in the registry there is a setting in there called DataRcvWin I can't remember the exact path but a browser call "neoplanet" changes it and I changed it back to the win default and everything was fine. Thanks for your help.

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