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SMC Barricade and Norton Internet Security
mtstair Sep-13-00 04:49 AM
I have been using Norton Internet Security for a while and it seems to be working well. I just bought the SMC barricade, which is on route.
While I'm waiting on the SMC, I would like to know if the Norton IS will be necessary for security since the SMC has firewall protection? Will Norton IS add another layer of security or just be redundant?
Assuming Norton adds security benefit and since SMC supports four computers, I assume I would need Norton IS on all computers, will this cause any conflicts? Especially between computers?

1. RE: SMC Barricade and Norton Internet Security
lbyard Sep-13-00 05:10 AM
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From what I've seen, the Barricade should be all that you need to protect your LAN from intrusion from the Internet. It should work as well or better than a software solution. If not, SMC had better find a new name for the product. Of course, nothing is absolutely 100% foolproof. Larry

2. RE: SMC Barricade and Norton Internet Security
andy345 Nov-16-00 11:10 PM
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If you want application level protection (you do...) and logging, run Zonealarm from Zone labs. It let's you decide who and what can use a particular port, not just "open port x", and you get loging of security events. Try it, it's free... and an absolute "no-brainer" to configure as it learns from your usage.

I use both; the Barricade to protect the basic network, and Zone Alarm Pro to tie down the application and selected users.

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