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networking problems with router
rocket Sep-07-00 05:55 PM
I have a linksys cable router with 2 pc's running windows 98 hooked up to it,as well as the cable modem. The router, as well as both computers, are set to 'obtain ip addresses automatically'. this works great for internet access, which I can now get from both computers. However, how do I now network the two pc's to share printers and files?

1. RE: networking problems with router
lbyard Sep-07-00 07:12 PM
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I have a similar arrangement… See my last response to jonsam this date. I am running a pure TCP/IP network with a broadband router and everything (network neighborhood, drive sharing, etc.) works great. Since getting the router, I have gotten rid of my static IPs and host tables. The LAN is still working fine. I am trying to find-out why others are having problems with the LAN although connectivity is working. Until then, I would suggest installing the NetBEIU protocol in addition to TCP/IP. Larry

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