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Windows ME ICS/Networking Experience
Dimensioneer Sep-05-00 04:02 AM
I didn't see any conversation about it yet, so I wanted to share my experience setting up ICS & standard file/printer sharing between my two PCs.

In a word: fantastic.

My two PCs are an Athlon 700 box with a PRO120 NIC, and an old Cyrix 180 also with a PRO120 NIC. Both are connected thru a generic cheap-o hub and standard CAT5 cable.

WinME's Networking Wizard holds your hand through setting up ICS on the host PC, and then creates a floppy to take to the client machines. This disk is light years ahead of the one that Win98SE created; while it still has a setup.exe to run, when it's done, you're up & running. Didn't even have to reboot my Cyrix running Win98 to get online thru the LAN.

Even easier than Sygate, and so far a faster & more stable OS to boot!


:::::::::::::::::::: Dimensioneer

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