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HELP! NT 4.0, 2 Win95 + DSL+ hub + 3 100B cables.
gina Aug-30-00 08:25 AM
I am trying to connect my 2 95 machines and my NT 4.0 together.
I followed the instructions from an article here "how to connect 2 95/98". They don't see eachother yet.
the problem is with my NT. When i try to add Netbeui to my NT, it asks for a disk. I don't have a disk. the only disk i have is my nt setup disk.
where do i get nbf.sys or oemsetup.inf for netbeui on nt.

2. all will be having netbeui connection through the hub. if i install my dsl software on my 95 machines, will i be able to connect to internet from 95s.

Thanks so much for any help you could give me.

1. RE: HELP! NT 4.0, 2 Win95 + DSL+ hub + 3 100B cables.
lbyard Aug-30-00 05:05 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Aug-30-00 AT 05:26 PM (GMT)

1. The NetBEUI drivers should be on the NT CD. They are copyrighted.

2. There are three ways to access the Internet from the Win 95 computers:

Internet sharing software such as SyGate (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/sygate/sygate.htm). You will need two Network adapters in the computer running the SyGate host, one for the network and one for the DSL box.. I would suggest putting them in the NT server.

An external router. SMC Barricade (http://www.smc.com/smc/pages_html/homef.html) works well on my network. I like it better than SyGate, but it costs more. I will publish a review on the SMC Barricade in the near future.

Obtain more IP addresses from your service provider. In the long run this will probably cost you more than the other alternatives. Also, be sure to check your service providerís policy on Internet sharing. You will have to decide whether or not to implement sharing based on the policy, etc. or ordering more IP addresses. You probably will not need a second network adapter for this arrangement.

You will need to install the TCP/IP protocol on all machines connecting to the Internet. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se_cab/intro.htm. Sharing a DSL connection is similar to sharing a cable MODEM connection. You can run both NetBEUI and the TCP/IP on the same adapter. Larry

2. RE: HELP! NT 4.0, 2 Win95 + DSL+ hub + 3 100B cables.
gina Sep-01-00 04:37 PM
In response to message 1
Thank you Larry so much.
The problem is that it can't find the netbeui driver unless i reinstall the NT seems like.
so, i will reinstall it today.
of course i will have to reinstall everything on it again. (my app server/db server etc.)
I did download sygate upon your suggestion. but, since i still dont have my netbeui on nt, it doesn't work yet.
but, hopefully when i reinstall, all will be well.
This hardware stuff is driving me crazy..

Thanks again.

3. RE: HELP! NT 4.0, 2 Win95 + DSL+ hub + 3 100B cables.
lbyard Sep-01-00 05:15 PM
In response to message 2
The nbf.sys file is on the NT CD in the i386 directory as a compressed file: nbf.sy_. You do not need to reinstall NT to uncompress and use the file. Stick the NT CD on your Win 9x computer, open a DOS window, make a temporary directory on C: (I use C:\TEMP), change drives to D: (or whatever your CD-ROM drive letter is), CD to D:\I386, Expand the file to the C: drive with:
D:\I386\>expand nbf.sy_ C:\temp\nbf.sys
Copy it to a floppy and feed it to NT. I donít know why NT doesnít just grab and expand it from the CD on the server. Larry

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