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Incompatibility between win95 and win98
professoryam Aug-27-00 10:58 PM
I installed win98 and win95 on two PCs respectively, with netbeui and all the hardwares installed properly I couldn't get them to communicate with each other. Instead of keeping the win95 on my overclocked P120 I have formatted it and installed win98 in it. Now everything seems to work fine(the network is up & running and ICS is enabled). Does anyone know why would this occur?

1. RE: Incompatibility between win95 and win98
lbyard Aug-28-00 01:24 PM
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No, but what you did sometimes fixes unexplained network problems. However, a less drastic action is to uninstall and reinstall all network components. As far as Win 98 and 95 network incompatibilities are concerned, they donít exist. I have networked many many Win 95 computers with Win 98 computers. Larry

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