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Login window does not pop up when I boot computer...
WeezerDork Jul-27-02 09:30 PM
Heya, you guys rock and are a big help!
I have two computers with ethernet cards connected to a hub. The network worked fine yesterday, but we've been meaning to reformat the old computer's hard drive and install Win98SE onto it (it was using regular Win98 previously). We reformated and installed everything and all the hardware seems to be working fine.

The new computer still boots up fine and we log in to the network normally. It sees itself, but doesn't see the old computer. The old computer boots straight to windows without asking for a password to login to the network.

I've tried setting the Primary Network Login to Client for Microsoft Networks and to Windows Login and back and neither will bring up the login window. I have the Log Off option above Shut Down in the Start Menu. When I log off, it brings up an Enter Windows Password window and I click OK (we have no passwords).

Network Neighborhood is on the desk top, but only Entire Network is listed. Neither of the two computers is listed. If I double click on Entire Network, it brings up the "Unable to browse network" window explaining that "the network is not accessible".

I can ping the old computer from the new computer when I drop to DOS and it responds fine. I believe all the settings are correct since we've set these things up just a couple of days ago and they worked fine.

I've gone through the 7 steps that are commonly posted in this forum and I don't think we've missed anything. I've also gone through the "How to network two computers" thing on here twice and I can't see anything wrong again. The cables should be fine, they worked yesterday fine.

Very strange...hmmmmmm...good times, hope you can help!
paul chesterton

1. RE: Login window does not pop up when I boot computer...
lbyard Jul-27-02 10:56 PM
In response to message 0
Try these:
The cable is plugged in at both ends, isn't it? Larry

2. RE: Login window does not pop up when I boot computer...
WeezerDork Jul-27-02 11:44 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for your help Larry. I was doing everything right... I uninstalled and reinstalled and 'howdy' there was the login. good times. Thanks for your helpful resources!!

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