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IP address
nilodherr Jul-27-02 07:24 PM
Is it necessary to have another IP address for every computer I network? I have attbi and they charge an additional $4.95/mo for every computer networked. What is an IP address for?

Please help.

Thanks, Dan.

1. RE: IP address
DJ Net2Infinity Jul-27-02 07:46 PM
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I would just get a router, an ip address is the like your house address when you send a letter from your house it has the return address on it so it can find its way back. An ip address is a unique address so that when you tell your computer to go to www.yahoo.com, your computer sends a request to that server and then the info you requested is send to your machine.

2. RE: IP address
lbyard Jul-27-02 10:46 PM
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I presume you have a cable or DSL: connection. Does the MODEM have a USB or Ethernet connection (or both interfaces) to your PC? Larry

3. RE: IP address
nilodherr Jul-29-02 01:54 AM
In response to message 2
We have a CyberSurfer Wave Cable Modem from AT&T. It doesn't have USB or Ethernet Connection. What I have in the back is a ASYNC, PC, and Cable connections. I'm planning to connect the modem to my SMC7004ABR Router and then connect my two computers with Ethernet cards to the router . Is this the proper way to set it up?

Thanks, Dan

5. RE: IP address
lbyard Jul-29-02 06:12 AM
In response to message 3
Well, you have to have an Ethernet connection on the MODEM to use the SMC7004ABR router. If that PC connection looks like a large phone jack then it is the Ehernet interface and the place that the router's WAN port will be connected. The PC's then connect to the other ports on the router. Larry

6. RE: IP address
Jim P Jul-29-02 01:55 PM
In response to message 3
The CyberSurfer Wave Cable Modem is a discontinued Motorola model. The 'PC' connector in the back is Ethernet. This modem was (maybe) only distribted to service providers - if you're renting it, AT&T's web site lists approved cable modems that you can buy outright. Jim

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