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Hubs, switches...
Neb Jul-19-02 04:00 PM
We have a small network of about 23 pcs. It has been built up over the last few years pieces at a time. Right now we have a 16 port hub and a 12 port hub connected by uplink port. We only have two cable runs to a back room where, of course, we now want to add more pcs. I bought us a 5 port hub intending to connect it in the back, adding 4 ports. I started reading here and elsewhere and see that I shouldn't have more than two hubs connected together. (The hubs we have now can not be stacked.) I'm not having a lot of luck understanding most of what I'm reading, not a network guy, just the guy stuck with taking care of it. The back room run is approx. 100 feet from our hubs. Short of running more cable, what should I use to add more ports in back?

The 16 port hub is a 10/100 and all cable is cat5. I was thinking of replacing the 12 port hub with a 10/100 switch. Would that allow me to add a hub in back and also give us fast-ethernet?

Or do I just not understand any of it?

Thanks for any advice.

1. RE: Hubs, switches...
ikellen Jul-19-02 04:37 PM
In response to message 0
if you have internet services hooked up to a router, just run cables from each port on the router(if it's multi port) to each of the hubs/switches. Then you wont have any more than 2 hubs problems.

2. RE: Hubs, switches...
DJ Net2Infinity Jul-19-02 04:48 PM
In response to message 1
What are you running as far as servers, internet access ... basicly what is the structure of your network. Upgrading to a 10/100 Switch would be a worth wild investment, to be honest I would buy 2 24 port 10/100 switches ... that way you have room to expand and configure things as you wish.

3. RE: Hubs, switches...
lbyard Jul-19-02 11:57 PM
In response to message 2
At the low end (4-8 port) switches are about as much as hubs, and routers with multiple PC ports are not much more than that. If you get broadband (cable or DSL) Internet service with a MODEM that has an Ethernet interface (don't get one with USB) a decent 4-port for about $80 and maybe $149 for a 7-8 port should accommodate both hubs and provide Internet sharing for the whole lot if they don't all get on it at the same time and try to download movies. Here's some references that my clear-up the basic concepts. Larry


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