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Networking two Win 98 PCs
PC Warrier Jul-13-02 11:23 AM

For the last two years (on/off!) I have been trying, when I can muster the energy, to network my two PC's. They are both running windows 98 and are connected via a ethernet cable and two D-link cards. I have installed all the correct drivers/protocols etc. with out any success. Machine 1 can see the workgroup and the other computer. However, I am unable to actually enter the other computer's drives etc as the error message //XYZ not accessible The computer or sharename could not be found'or sometimes depending on protocol choice 'network busy' etc. is produced. Computer 2 can't access the network at all I get is 'Unable to browse the network Network is not accessible'. I know the hardware's ok. The 'act' light always flash in unicen and otherwise remain lit, though the link light on both cards seems to stay off at all times. Anywayz, I've looked at loads of advice, tried changing protocols, just using NetBuei etc. (Tried also changing card onto full duplex- should be on this i think!?) Read the networking guides in this site but still no luck!!!

Anyone who could help a guy who used to think he was fairly pc literate but now thinks he might as well smash his head against the wall would be most appreciated



1. RE: Networking two Win 98 PCs
dufrenej Jul-13-02 04:04 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-13-02 AT 04:05 PM (EDT)
Have you enabled the sharing of the pc's drives?

-from windows explorer right click on the drive you want to access from the other computer
-click on tab labled share (if memory serves- it should be obvious though)
- what to change the settings to should be clear enough from here

Hope I wasn't too vague on instructions, all from memory right now.

2. RE: Networking two Win 98 PCs
lbyard Jul-13-02 06:16 PM
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Was the cable made correctly (the article should also be reviewed)?
From the correct components?
Was it tested?
If it was, the following conditions must be meant and should be checked:
If it wasn't tested, it is the likely cause of the problem.

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