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BOOT Protocol
santleFNS Aug-23-00 01:13 AM
Hey, I have a question related to purchasing BOOT ROM for a Ethernet card. I know there is a protocol out there called BOOT Protocol and it works by connecting a booting PC to a DHCP server and etc. to get it's information at boot up... but the question is can i just buy any ROM chip and install it .. and then flash information to it?? how would i do this? is there software?



1. RE: BOOT Protocol
lbyard Aug-23-00 05:33 PM
In response to message 0
I have not done a boot ROM in many years and I did it with Novell servers when I did. I have also set-up workstations that had no hard disk and booted from a floppy. I am very rusty on the subject and would have research it. But I will say that in this day and age it is probably much better to just buy a hard disk and boot from it instead of from a boot ROM and a server-based operating system. You will probably find that today's operating systems and applications will run awfully slow from a server. Does anyone else have recent experience in this area? Larry

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