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Troubleshooting Networked 98 Computers
Nick_R Jul-08-02 10:27 AM
I have a Max Tech Switch hub, and 2 laptops runnning 98se, and one computer running 98. All the connections to the hub are working. But i can't "see" any of the computers on the network. I have tried to ping them but it doesn't work. Also I have tried to NetBios each computer, but that also doesn't work. I have all the same protocols installed, which are TCP IP and netBEUI, and file share. What i need to be able to do is to file share. But as of right now I can't file share.


1. RE: Troubleshooting Networked 98 Computers
lbyard Jul-08-02 12:25 PM
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Do all of the computers satisfy these conditions:

2. RE: Troubleshooting Networked 98 Computers
animam Jul-09-02 06:33 AM
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Do these PCs select their own IP Address or have you allocated an IP Address to each one?

If you have allocated the IP Addresses, does each PC have the same Subnet mask?

Are all of the PCs configured to be in the same Workgroup?


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