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smc7004BR to RCA CM
bighop Jul-06-02 11:48 PM
how do i setup my smc 7004br to work with my cable modem.the cable co came out and set me up with a RCA model dcm235 CM, now this thing connects straight to my pc with a usb cable. they didnt use a cat 5 cable or a nic card.there is a ethernet port on the back. now i tried disconnecting the usb and using the ethernet port on the back of the CM to connect to my routers wan port and the ethernet ports on the router i connected to usb nic cards and then i connected to my two pc but it did not work am i doing some thing wrong

thank in advance curtis

1. RE: smc7004BR to RCA CM
animam Jul-07-02 02:52 AM
In response to message 0

Im not entirely sure as to what your problem is, but recently I tried to connect a cable modem to my hub, and with three pcs connected to the hub. I found out the hard way I needed a Gateway between my Hub and the CM. The Gateway was configured with the IP address of the connection to my ISP and I had to assign new IP addresses to my pcs (these addresses were public addresses, The Gateway was by default, and each of your pcs have an IP address of 192.168.0.x, where x is between 1 and 255). Ensure they all have the same submask and you configure your pcs to use the proxy of your Gateway IP address (ie

2. RE: smc7004BR to RCA CM
lbyard Jul-07-02 01:43 PM
In response to message 0
Your service provider may have to reprogram the cable MODEM from his end. However, first, remove all power from the cable MODEM for several minutes and see if that jolts it into looking for the router on the Ethernet interface. In the router browser interface, try releasing and renewing the IP address. You may have the remove the USB stuff in the PC’s network configuration… Larry

3. RE: smc7004BR to RCA CM
bighop Jul-07-02 06:15 PM
In response to message 2
thank you i tied unpluging but can't get to the net net through the ethernet port to even change setting i tried crossover cable from CM to router it did not work either. but you know this router work once before when the cable modem was a sufbroad model it used cat 5 cable to connect to the router. and from the router it connected to usb nic card's and to the pc's now that setup work just fine but this rca it's so easy now the idea about the gateway i'll save for last i think it's the modem thank and any other idea i appreciate

thanks curtis

4. RE: smc7004BR to RCA CM
bighop Jul-09-02 00:30 AM
In response to message 3
ok guys heres what the problem was i had the wrong nic cards hooked up to the pc i simply changed them around and now both pc on the net

thank you for your interest peace im out, curtis

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