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ICS with WIN2K Advanced server
nxsecure Jul-06-02 10:58 PM
Hi I have read your guide about sharing a cable connection using a Win 98 gateway computer ...My question is as follow : I have a PC running Win2K advanced server and with 2 Nic cards ( one external USB connected to the Cable Modem and a second one internal fast 10/100Mbps Ethernet which I want to connect to a swich ) ..I don't know how to install ICS in Win2K .

1. RE: ICS with WIN2K Advanced server
lbyard Jul-07-02 01:35 PM
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Click Start Help. The 2K help on ICS is quite good. The ICS Wizard will often work without a problem (I have not done Advanced Server, but 2K Pro works well). If you get stuck, please come back. However, the best way to do it is to get a cable MODEM with an Ethernet interface (if yours doesn't have one in addition to the USB interface) and a router. Many ISPs will swap-out the cable MODEM if you are using one of theirs. There are quite a few posts in this forum on ICS with 2K. Larry

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