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Upgrading to Windows 2000
sirgeez Jul-03-02 03:04 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jul-03-02 AT 03:49 PM (EDT)
We are looking to upgrading our company's 50 PC's from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. We currently run off of a AS400 system with hubs using static IP's. Is there anything we need to have to make the move?

1. RE: Upgrading to Windows 2000
lbyard Jul-03-02 03:36 PM
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Yes. A plan. You'll find lots of stuff on Microsoft's site about planning a major effort like this one. But be warned… There is a lot of propaganda on that site. I would suggest knocking this grand scheme down a big notch and purchasing one upgrade to start with and learn. Your biggest problems are going to be people problems. Larry

2. RE: Upgrading to Windows 2000
sirgeez Jul-03-02 03:51 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-03-02 AT 04:34 PM (EDT) by lbyard (admin)
That site is the biggest **********. You spend hours looking for simple things. I guess my question is then which version of 2000 would be best? And will I need a computer acting as a server?

3. RE: Upgrading to Windows 2000
lbyard Jul-03-02 04:34 PM
In response to message 2
Assumming you are going to setup a domain... you will need 2000 Pro for the PCs and, of course, 2000 Server for the server. First you need to look at the hardware and see if it will support 2000. You may want to consider Win XP for the PCs. You would need the Pro version. Larry

4. RE: Upgrading to Windows 2000
foilit Jul-03-02 08:20 PM
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Larry,s answer "a plan" is right. You can directly upgrade from 98 to 2000 Professional. This assumes that the hardware and software you are running is 2000 compatable. You can buy one copy and run it with the proper switch to give you a compatability report for this without loading the Operating System. Assuming this is OK then why are you upgrading? W2K gives a lot more functionality than 98 in networking including security and services but you need to determine what you want it to do from your business perspective and then determine how to implement it. You might only need to add Server on a couple of computers to meet your network's service needs and keep 98 for the clients.

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