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3 PC's & 4 Servers all internet visable
coldsparkle Jun-24-02 02:55 PM
3 PC's & 4 Servers all internet visable
Some how I need or want to do this.
I have been playing with a crossover trying to get 2 PCs internet visable,However this cannot be done so easy.
I have used DHCP server as I have a dynamic IP address on the Internet connected computer, but this proved to be unreliable as as soon as the connected computer was under load the crossover computer would disconnect.(also this wrecked the network layer of the main computer due to having DNS records for the 192.168.0.blah network layer)
the theroy for this test is I have webserver software on one computer and want to run the same software on the crossover and have both internet visable by entering www.domain.com for the first and for the crossover computer a diffent port eg.www.domain.com:70 .
At this time the crossver computer uses and is not internet visable.
I realise under normal circumstances you would use one Server with a large Raid setup and not bother with 4 Servers (not entirely accurate as I NEED to spead out CPU useage and memory.
I have a Dymanic IP internet connection(and 1 connection only) so assiging and static to the second and or the rest is not possible.
Any enlightenment on how to have all machines(up to 7 )perfectly internet visable would be helpful.

1. RE: 3 PC's & 4 Servers all internet visable
stephenl Jun-25-02 12:42 PM
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where do you start with this one . To be honest this is too complex and a bit silly for what you want to do am i right in thinking that what you want is seven machines all as web servers all accessible through one internet connection ???? You cant point your browser at www.domain.com:70 because this will goto the machine with the ip address that matches hostname domain.com port 70. if your using iis you can redirect it to another webserver on your lan but the main problem as i can see it is you internet setup altogether barmy i really dont think you can do what your trying to do besides if you want this machine to be visible permanently your going to need a correct internet ip address from your isp to be static so you can have your domain name configured properly otherwise everytime you register a new ip address with your isp dhcp server youll have to remember to change your webserver settings etc. Why dont you sell all your machines buy a nice big powerful server and run your website of that. Or Pay someone to host it for you might be cheaper and alot less stress.

PS. If your using a DSL connection with no firewall setup in place all machines are probably visible anyway !!!!!!!!!!!

I dont suppose you have a diagram you can post ???

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