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Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
Spear Jun-20-02 06:20 PM
Hi ... What would be the best way to reliably connect around 60 pc's to a network temporarly set up to play games?? If i used switches etc can you use switches to connect other switches ? Should there be a limit on the number of pc's on a switch , to maintain a speed?

Also i heard about trunking .. would this help things ?


4. RE: Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
lbyard Jun-20-02 07:10 PM
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Yes, B I G Problems. In my opinion there isn't an easy and quick way to "reliably connect around 60 pc's to a network temporarly..." That's no temporary network for a game fest. It's major piece of work and it is bigger than any network we have installed in 15 years. The largest one we did automated US Optical Disk and it took a couple of weeks to install plus considerable prep time before we began the installation. What's trunking? Larry

5. RE: Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-21-02 08:42 AM
In response to message 4
I would get 3 24 Port 10/100 switches and a Broadband router. Connect each switch into a port on the router (be sure to make sure you have the correct cable to do this ... it can require a straight thru or cross-over depending on your switch and router choose). This way you use the router as a DHCP server and it ties all your switches together. Make sure you invest in some good cat5 cable.

6. RE: Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
Spear Jun-22-02 07:23 PM
In response to message 5
Hmmm .. cheers

Do you think it would still work if i plugged all the switchers into another switcher instead of a router?

7. RE: Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-22-02 07:38 PM
In response to message 6
LAST EDITED ON Jun-22-02 AT 07:41 PM (EDT)
A broadband router is less than 100 bucks, them 24 port switches are gonna be expensive. Sure you can have 3 switches and cascade them ( hook one to another). But then you would have to physically assign every machine an ip address, and it would be much easier for a temporary lan to have a router that runs DHCP that can assign every machine an ip, no paperwork and ips to hand out and no dual ips.

8. RE: Big Gaming Lan .... Big Problems?
Spear Jun-23-02 07:20 PM
In response to message 4
Im not totally sure what trunking is .. but i heard its where you connect routers together using more than one link - so you get more bandwidth between them ...

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