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1st network setup
prsnroftime Jun-16-02 01:00 PM
im trying to network a computer with win 98, and a computer with win xp. It seems as tho the one with xp is working fine, but out of other posts i've read i did not notice the computer with win 98 in its network. Also, the computer with win 98 doesnt have network neighborhood on it. is that a big problem, what can i do to fix it? any help would be very...helpfull.

1. RE: 1st network setup
lbyard Jun-16-02 02:43 PM
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Look in this forum for posts made during the last week or so. Several steps are described in two posts as I recall. Larry

2. RE: 1st network setup
prsnroftime Jun-16-02 04:48 PM
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i missed this messege before, i usually just click ok when they pop up.

Unable to load the dynamic library:
The system cannot find the file specified.
Some or all of the following feature is not available:
Microsoft Network

So what do I need to do now, reinstall 98? I've tried installing win me before, but it causes headaches with the sound and other little things. so i did uninstall it.

3. RE: 1st network setup
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-16-02 10:42 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-02 AT 10:44 PM (EDT)
Your Solution to Your Problem

4. RE: 1st network setup
lbyard Jun-17-02 09:33 AM
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I would also scan for a virus. Larry

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