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Top Ten Rules For Networking with XP
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-12-02 07:30 PM
Top Ten Rules for Adding Windows XP to an Existing Network

Even if it tells you to do it, don't run Windows XP's Network Setup Wizard on the other networked computers. You want to make the Windows XP computer conform to the existing network. The Wizard wants to make the rest of the network conform to XP.

You must disable Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on a local area network connection to other computers. If it's enabled on a LAN, ICF will block File and Printer Sharing

To make most network settings, you must be logged on as a user that is a member of the Administrators group.

Use the same protocol for File and Printer Sharing on all computers.

Remove all network protocols that aren't required for a specific purpose.

If you have multiple protocols, un-bind File and Printer Sharing from all but one. Using more than one protocol, even on just one networked computer, can make networking with XP unreliable.

TCP/IP, by itself, works for all Windows networking functions.

If you assign IP addresses manually, use the same IP subnet on all computers.

NetBEUI isn't necessary.

Use the same workgroup name on all computers.

1. RE: Top Ten Rules For Networking with XP
lbyard Jun-13-02 01:48 AM
In response to message 0
I think I would make it blunter than that: "If NetBEUI is installed, the network won't work." At least that has been my experience here so far. Of course, I tend towards bluntness. Larry

2. RE: Top Ten Rules For Networking with XP
ikellen Jun-16-02 00:03 AM
In response to message 1
This is very helpful thanks. I will be upgrading to XP soon and the part about the xp networking setup wizard probably saved 2 hours of stress Thanks alot.

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