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Win98 can't see others or internet
ja5p3r Jun-10-02 10:07 PM
I'm setting up a home network between a custom built win xp machine and an old Gateway win 98 machine. I've connected the two with a linksys router to the cable modem, and I tried using the winxp network wizard to make a floppy to automatically configure the win 98 machine.

Turns out that the win xp machine can see itself on the network, but not the 98, and can access the internet.

The win 98 machine can see itself on the network, cannot see the xp machine OR acces the internet.

I'm wondering if this is a specific to Gateway problem? If I need to alter the IP address of the 98 machine? Maybe part of it is due to a mac address problem with the cable modem, being that it was originally simply connected to the win xp machine.

I'm really wracking my brains on this one.

Any help would be awesome, even if it's something blindingly obvious.



2. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
Twinhead Jun-11-02 02:00 AM
In response to message 0
Yes, it has something to do with IP adresses.
From your ISP, you got ONE (1) IP.
You can only link one computer directly to ihe Internet.
Try it like this to make it work for both:

NIC2PC1---X---NIC-1PC2 (Crosscable!)

Assighn for PC2 an IP that is allways one higher then PC1
Afcourse PC1 has to be switched on to transfewr the Internet to PC2
With a Gateway setup on PC2 you can point to the 1st NIC in PC1.


5. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
lbyard Jun-11-02 10:12 AM
In response to message 0
The router is the best way to do your network. Set your TCP/IP properties to obtain their IP address automatically when using that router. The IP addresses will be assigned by the DHCP server built into the router. Do not use static IPs with most routers (including the one you have) unless you are running a server, etc. behind the router. Use only the TCP/IP protocol on both computers. Install SPX/IPX only if you have games that require it. Do not install NetBEUI or you will have problems with the XP computer seeing the 9X computer and vice versa. Make sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled on the XP computer. Disable the XP firewall and uninstall (I did not say disable) any other firewalls you may have installed. You do not need a firewall with most routers. The router does that function. Enable and apply appropriate permissions to the guest account on the XP computer. Assign a share name to the hard disk on the XP computer other than the default one that has a $ in it. If the share name has a $ in it the drive cannot be seen by other computers when browsing the network. Keep share folder names to 12 characters or less. Use Larry’s Windows network name rules at http://duxcw.com/faq/network/names.htm when assigning computer and workgroup names. Check your cables to see if they comply with http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable1.htm. Make sure Link/Activity LEDs on the network adapters and hub/switch/router indicate a good network. Go through the requirements to browse a Windows network checklist at http://duxcw.com/faq/network/brreq.htm. On a Win 9x/Me computer Start, Run, enter winipcfg, select the nework adapter going to the router, and release and renew the IP address lease. You should see it change. On and XP/2000 computer, open a DOS window and type: C:\>ipconfig /? to learn how to use the XP/2000 equivalent of winipcfg and do the same. If that doesn’t work, start over, especially if you have made many network configuration changes. That is, remove everything network in the network configuration. I believe that about sums it up... Larry

6. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
ja5p3r Jun-11-02 02:20 PM
In response to message 5
Thanks for the help.

I have already done everything you've mentioned... I did notice though that I've had some problems renewing the ip address in win 98. I get an error message... but the network card seems to be working fine... the light is on, the dignostic program runs and everything passes. Is this a driver issue maybe? Or maybe something with the operating system itself?

So confused,


7. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
lbyard Jun-12-02 12:03 PM
In response to message 6
Try swapping cables, router ports ... You won't always see a resource conflict with a network adapter. Try not to share resources with it and other boards. Try moving the adapter to another slot. Larry

8. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
ja5p3r Jun-12-02 01:08 PM
In response to message 7
I've swapped the cables, they're fine. I've moved the network card from pci slot 3 to 4, the irq changed from 9 to 11, but other then that, it's the same. I've changed router ports all over the place, nothing changes... I only have one network card installed in the 98 machine...

Is there any way I can check specific resource conflicts? Can you think of anything else it could possibly be?

So stumped,


9. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
lbyard Jun-12-02 06:27 PM
In response to message 8
Do you see multiple instances of the network adapter in the Device Manger? Could you list what you see at Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network, Configuration? If that is normal, I usually start over with a clean slate by removing everything in that configuration. That fixes a lot of them. Larry

11. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
leonardmahone Jun-14-02 12:16 PM
In response to message 9
If you are running Zone Alarm, remove it. We have found that it has problems with Linksys routers.

10. RE: Win98 can't see others or internet
fernandr Jun-14-02 00:01 AM
In response to message 0
I have a simular setup linksys router Win XP, Win 4.0 Server and Win 98 workstation.
What I have is DHCP coming off the router for the workstations, both Win XP and Win 98 machines and NetBEUI on the workstation machines.

Just keep it simple.

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