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ICS Win2K / WinXP not working
Radu Jun-09-02 07:14 AM
Gateway machine (P4 desktop):
- running Win2K
- connected to DSL cable modem
- ICS configured properly (2 network adapters, one to cable modem, the other to my second machine using crossover network cable)

Client machine (P4 notebook):
- running WinXP
- connected to gateway machine using crossover network cable (see above)
- ICS configured properly

- MS network + sharing working properly between the two machines (using NetBEUI)
- IPX/SPX working properly (tested using games)
- TCP/IP link working properly (client machine can ping gateway machine, and gateway machine can ping client machine)
- gateway machine can access the Internet OK
- client machine fails when trying to ping external TCP/IP addresses
- if gateway machine pings an external TCP/IP address, the client machine can then do it, too (same address fails if only pinged from the client - i.e. before pinging from the gateway machine)
- even when ping succeeds from the client (after gateway pings same address), the client cannot display website in IE6 (using TCP/IP address not the name - i.e. DNS doesn't come into play)

HELP! (thanks)

1. RE: ICS Win2K / WinXP not working
lbyard Jun-10-02 12:21 PM
In response to message 0
Remove NetBEUI. Set the ICS client to get its IP address automatically from the DHCP server, which is part of ICS on the ICS host. Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and you should be able to get rid of SPX/IPX unless you need that protocol for games. The cable may be marginal. Larry

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