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Plz help on a network sharing files and internet connection
Adenauer Jun-08-02 05:28 PM
I have networked three decent computers together ( 1 using xp home edition, 1 using xp professional, and 1 using windows ME) and they all share an internet connection using cat5's with a Linksys router.
However, they cannot share files. whenever I click on My network places, I only see my shared folders and when i click View workgroup computers it sits there for a long time and either stops responding or says " You do not have permission and network path not found" even though the computers their "c" drives shared.
Any help is appreciated.
Thx in advance for any help.

1. RE: Plz help on a network sharing files and internet connection
lbyard Jun-10-02 12:16 PM
In response to message 0
Windows XP has these sort of problems when networked with 9X/Me if the NetBEUI is installed on any of them. The guest accounts have to be enabled on the XP computers. XP drives have to be given hare names without a $ in them. Before continuing please review our networking and Windows XP FAQs. Also, there are many posts in this forum on XP/9x/Me networking problems. Searching for them is best done with the Site Search in the left menu as it has a more extensive database. Please come back if that doesn’t help. Larry

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