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Weird ICS prob.
Dungeoner May-26-02 08:04 PM
I have a home network going here. 3 clients connecting to my gateway for a total of 4 computers on a hub to a cable modem. Problem I have is... after a period of time, ICS seemingly stops working for the clients. ALL clients. My host computer can still use the internet freely while the clients are left in limbo until I reboot the host computer. Thing is, when I reboot so the clients can use the internet again, I usually end up hitting the reset button on my host computer because if I: Start/Shutdown/Restart the host computer just sits there & hangs & gives me a blue screen error till I hit that reset button.

Running Windows ME on all computers. Host & clients. Network Everywhere NIC as my connection to the cable modem & a Linksys USB NIC for the connection to the hub, which is a 3Com HomeConnect 5 port hub. All Windows Updates are up to date & applied all patches or newest drivers I could for the NICs. Firewalls are stealthing any hacking abilities & AntiVirus is doing its job sufficiently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also... almost always, when the computers are left on overnight, the internet stops working again for the clients.

1. RE: Weird ICS prob.
Dungeoner May-27-02 07:26 AM
In response to message 0
A little follow up...

I downloaded & installed Sygate's Home Networking software & everything has run without a hitch. Clients were able to get on the internet this morning with no problems whatsoever. I 'spose when ICS decides it wants to act strange, it acts strange.

2. RE: Weird ICS prob.
Dungeoner May-27-02 07:31 AM
In response to message 1
I spoke too soon. My wife just tried getting online with one of the clients & it isn't doing squat. Gotta reboot to a blue screen. eheh

Back to the drawing board...

3. RE: Weird ICS prob.
lbyard May-27-02 12:24 PM
In response to message 2
Although Sygate is a good software solution, the best solution is a router. That is, if the MODEM has an Ethernet interface. There is one router that I know of that will work with some USB cable MODEMs, but many ISPs will swap-out the MODEM for one with an Ethernet interface if they provided it. Larry


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