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WIN XP Networking
dr_meffert May-24-02 04:45 PM
I recently tried to set up a home network on windows xp using the network wizard, i went throught all the steps, but then realised that i didn't want to do this, by then it was too late. Does anyone know how i remove this newly made network between my computers. For example, how do i get rid of the local network shared docs and also the thing linking to my computer in the workgroup computers folder.

1. RE: WIN XP Networking
caliph May-26-02 04:36 PM
In response to message 0

I had the same problem. What I did was:

- Right clicked on My Network Places
- Rick clicked on the Networking connection and went to Properties
- Uninstalled each component one by one. After you remove a component, the computer will ask you to restart, click on 'NO'. For some reason, it wouldn't let me remove TCP/IP.
- Went to Device Manager and then uninstalled the network card.

Restart PC and it should redetect the card again. TCP/IP will still be installed from the previous attempt but the settings will all be defaulted.

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