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Question (Novell/Anthem NE 1000)???
Happy_Gilmore May-22-02 07:54 AM
Does anyone know the jumper configurations for a Novell/Anthem NE 1000.

Novell Inc sure doesn't they sold all info to do with the cards (as well as the NE 2000) to another company which has since went out of business.

And so I was wondering if anyone would have any old documens with the jumper configurations. As this information may proove to be usefull.

1. RE: Question (Novell/Anthem NE 1000)???
Twinhead May-22-02 08:03 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-22-02 AT 08:07 AM (EST)
Goto www.pslib.cz/~kerslage/manuals/ne1000.html

There youn will find this.

2. Thank you
Happy_Gilmore May-23-02 07:22 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks Victor U R a legend.

3. RE: Thank you
Twinhead May-24-02 02:46 AM
In response to message 2
You're Welcome!

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