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Win2K and Win98
Will Wilco May-19-02 10:49 PM

I see your group has been beating the networking horse with these two operating systems. I believe I have tried everything that has been listed here so far. I have two machines on a peer to peer network. They are connected to a cable router along with my broadband modem. I have Win2k on one machine and Win98 on the other. I have enabled file and printer sharing on the 2K, because it also has my printer attached locally. I had the Win98 set up only with the file sharing portion of that network service, but have gone back to select them both. I have a windows logon for both machines. I have shared the hard drives on both machines. From the 2K machine I can access all folders on the 98 machine. But from the 98 machine I can only see the printer that is connected to the 2K. I have enabled the guest account, created an account with the login and password that I have on my 98 machine. And, I have the Everyone account as well all of these having full control.

I still can not see my files or folders on the 2K machine from the 98 machine. Any additional ideas? Another techy told me to enable some additional protocols on the machines. I have NetBeui and TCP/IP on my 98 and 2K I believe.


1. RE: Win2K and Win98
stephenl May-20-02 03:43 AM
In response to message 0
Just a thought have you shared any file on the Win2k Machine ?? you could try the UNC path to see if you can get access to the C drive (assuming it is C) \\PCNAME\C$ (sub pcname for the name of pc)

5. RE: Win2K and Win98
lbyard May-20-02 05:22 PM
In response to message 1
http://duxcw.com/faq/network/2kshare.htm. Larry

3. RE: Win2K and Win98
trumpetr May-20-02 03:46 PM
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I just want to add my vote that I have the exact same problems that everyone else is seing between these 2 OS's. I've come to the conclusion that it has to be something with w2k and fat32 partitions. When I boot into xp on the same machine everything shares ok. It's just between 2k and 98. I've also tried everything that people have shared here to no avail, and really have just given up hope till the day that I make that final jump to XP pro.


4. RE: Win2K and Win98
trumpetr May-20-02 04:07 PM
In response to message 3
Ok so you all got me looking again....

This dosn't apply in my situation but it may on someone elses.


Cannot Use Windows 98 to View Shared Resources on a Windows 2000-Based Computer (Q237791)

When you attempt to view shared network resources on a network computer, one or more shared folders are not visible, even though when you use another computer on your network, you can view these resources.

This behavior can occur if all of the following conditions are true:

The computer sharing the network resource is running Windows 2000.

The name of the shared folder contains more than 12 characters.

The computer you are using to view network resources is running Windows 98.

To resolve this issue, change the name of the shared network folder to contain 12 characters or less.

6. RE: Win2K and Win98
Will Wilco May-22-02 06:22 PM
In response to message 4
Well, that is all it took. For this to have been the problem all along, it is ridiculous. Also, when you create the new share(with a name less than 12 characters), the "Everyone" permission is used with full control. So, you should be able to access the network resources without all these other hoops.


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