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Wireless Network vs Wired
rsierra May-15-02 03:57 PM
I am thinking about purchasing a wireless router. I plan on using DSL with this router. The machines that would be attached are a Win2k desktop, Win98 Laptop and Apple Cube. I was hoping someone could give me there input and/or suggestions. I would also like to know if anyone out there has a Macintosh attached to his or her PC network?

Thank you for your help.

Larry thank you one again for the best site on the web!

1. RE: Wireless Network vs Wired
stephenl May-16-02 05:01 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-16-02 AT 05:04 AM (EST)
Weve used wireless connections in a similar setup the main thing you have to consider is security of the wireless lan their are loads of websites out there about this how theyre hacked etc how to secure them, a firewall is essential either way. Are you goin to be tottally wireless or use a hub to connect the three machines ????? If tottaly wireless i think you only get a total of 11mbs bandwith between the wireless network but if your just browsing through your DSL it might not be an issue our macs just go through the hub and then through a proxy. We use wireless for internet in our training room and its great especially if your using laptop as you can wander round the house and still be online.

Think hes right about the sight larry i used to use windrivers.com until they started charging but this site is well betterŽ!!

2. RE: Wireless Network vs Wired
Flavah May-19-02 04:06 AM
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I agree on the security issues too. I personally would not go wireless just because I Xfer lots of files between machines and 100Mb is much better. Plus in order to get the maximum speed over wireless, you generally have to be close to your access point. As you move away the signal can degrade. There are always variables in how good your connection will be with wireless.
I recommend keeping a wired network since its always fast and reliable. But if you do have laptops and want to check your email while you take a dump or something go for it.

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