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XP to 98 Crossover
csj7936 May-08-02 04:04 PM
I'm trying to connect 2 pc's to transfer files using a crossover (X/O) cable. One PC is Windows XP and the other is Windows 98 (Work machine). Windows XP tells me the connection is enabled but I can't Ping the other machine. Both NIC cards are active (Green Light) but they do not talk to each other. The only thing I can think of is the "Subnet Mask" is different on the XP machine. Maybe they need to be the same on both machines? I'm using TCP/IP.
Any ideas? Thanks much!!

IP =
Subnet =

IP =
Subnet =

I was thinking of changing the XP ip to

2. RE: XP to 98 Crossover
lbyard May-08-02 04:45 PM
In response to message 0
The IPs addresses are from separate networks and cannot communicate with each other. The subnetmasks are Ok. Try setting XP to and 98 to These are static IPs. You may need host tables to lookup PC names. Search C: for hosts.sam for examples. They are in different locations on the two computers (98 c:\windows; XP something etc\). Or if you are going to share an Internet connection that is connected to the XP computer, set that up, use the DHCP server in ICS that will result to supply an IP address to the Win 98 client, and set the 98 computer to get it’s IP address automatically. With the Windows Explorer on the XP computer, right-click My Network Places, Properties, select TCP/IP associated with the network adapter, WINS tab, and select Enable NetBIOS over TCP. The default is:

“Use NetBIOS from a DHCP server. If static address is used or the DHCP does not have a NETBIOS setting, enable NetBIOS over TCP.”
Most networks problems of this nature are caused by improperly made crossover cables. Check the Link LEDs on the network adapters and look at our networking FAQs. Super time… Larry

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