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ICS between WIN 2000 and WIN XP
Mascotlee May-08-02 11:29 AM

I have a Win 2000 (HOST) and a Win XP(CLIENT). The WIN 2000 (HOST) is connected to the internet using ADSL USB modem with ICS enabled, static IP of
I can ping the IP of the WIN XP on the WIN 2000 computer.

The WIN XP computer connected to WIN 2000 computer through direct cross LAN cable.

The WIN XP (CLIENT) has IP of, but I cannot ping the IP of WIN 2000 on the WIN XP computer. Further more I cannot use IE6 on the WIN XP(CLIENT) and there are error loading pages.

How to solve this problem of Internet Explorer without making WIN XP the host?

Thanks, any suggestion would be great.


1. RE: ICS between WIN 2000 and WIN XP
lbyard May-08-02 02:55 PM
In response to message 0
The Win XP computer should obtain it's IP automatically from the 2 K computer, or at least I would start with that configuration. If the XP computer is to have a staic IP then the ICS DHCP server on the 2K computer will have to be disabled or its IP address scope configured so as not to conflict with the static IPs. Open a DOS windows and execute ipconfig /? On the XP computer. Use it to release and renew the IP lease from the DHCP server. Check the network adapter LINK LEDs. Get rid of all protocols except TCP/IP. Larry

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